Saturday, July 20, 2013

High Lonesome Loop (or Hessie Loop) FKT Attempt

2:10:04, the FKT ("fastest known time" for those of you who are not aware of virtual private parts measuring contests) according to this website. Though my guess is people have run it faster, I wanted to get this time out there so the Boulder aerobic monsters can go to town (and apparently the rules of the FKT game indicate that you have to write some sort of report. It's like making sure you use a standard ruler for the measuring contest).

Addie picture taken by Megan because PUPPY!

This is my first time using Strava! Biggest takeaway is that it reports both "Moving Time" and "Total Time." In other words, it takes a pooping/peeing split. 42 seconds difference for this run. I need to increase my excretion efficiency. NO TIME TO WASTE FOR WASTE DURING THE BAR EXAM.*

*Waste is actually a concept in property law. My brain officially wants to eat itself from the inside.

Anyway, here are the Strava run details. The course is beautiful, kind of technical, and pretty majestic. At 15 miles and 3500 feet of elevation, it is also a good compromise between badasses (ultra runners) and the wusses (me). My guess is that they are very efficient poopers.

Addie Throwback.

In conclusion, private parts Strava poop beautiful. Thanks so much for checking in! The plan is to try this on Mount Sanitas in Boulder next week. My splits from today are below. Gosh, I promise I don't take myself as seriously as that sounds. You all are awesome!

La perrita no habla ingles.

Start: Hessie Trailhead at the Bridge
Devil's Thumb Cut-Off Trail Junction: 8ish minutes
Devil's Thumb Trail: 19:13
Devil's Thumb Pass: 1:06:22 (it took a wasted 3 minutes to get around the snowfield, which I attempted to get around because cold stuff is cold. So was on High Lonesome trail in 1:09:28)
King Lake Trail: 1:30ish
Finish at Bridge: 2:10:04


  1. Didn't I take you on Sanitas for your first time (insert innuendo... but keep it tame. Addie reads your blog)? And if I remember correctly I was left basically crying half way up as I watched you jog away! My only advice... start easy. Otherwise my FKT will be bigger than yours:)

  2. Yes, you did introduce me to Sanitas Tim! I was so eager to impress you--I had trouble sleeping the night before. Luckily, that was during the time that you did 25 hour training weeks, and I caught you at the tail end of one of those. Then I was sore for 5 days. Seriously, I could not walk.

    It looks like the FKT is 14:12? Damn, that seems kind of crazy. I got kind of close (as in, actually rather far) from that a few weeks before the 10k Trail Nationals. Maybe I will bag that attempt...

    Also, to show you how much I idolized you, here is one of my first blog posts ever when I was trying to become a runner. At this point, we had never met and you had no idea who I was. I will never forget the cowboy hat.

  3. Impress me? Man... you're an amazing and cool kid (I can call you kid because I'm old), you wouldn't have to run a step to impress me.

  4. Look what I can do!

    /runs a step
    //trips over own feet

    Still got it.

  5. That size of FKT could intimidate guys in adjacent urinals. congrats!

  6. I keep reading FKT as "f*ck it!". Totally appropriate.