Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bike Day

Continuing my 2 days running, 1 day beach body routine, I biked hard in the gym and did a bunch of strength and rehab today. At this rate, I imagine my body will be 2/3 ripped and 1/3 scrawny. But it'll be the right one-third. Biceps and strong arms and a strong chest and general ability to lift things = overrated. The muscle directly over the knee = truly irresistible.

What? That's not the way it works? I blame unrealistic societal expectations. Not everyone can look like Jim Belushi in the hit TV comedy According to Jim, okay? THINGS ARE SO HARD FOR MEN.

Wait, that is also the opposite of the truth? I'll stop talking now.

Anyway, workout:

-10 min warm-up 110 rpm
-70 min hardish on gym bike, 248 watt average (who knows how it's calibrated! The mystery is part of the allure)
-10 min cool-down 110 rpm

-Funny looking strength things, including an exercise called clam shells. Basically, every hip exercise looks like I am trying to use my scent and plumage to seduce a peacock that is hiding in the corner of the gym.


  1. After going through PT for a high hamstring tendon pull (a pain in the butt), I am convinced that a secret coven of PTs convenes in the dark of night, lights the ritual candles, and comes up with the most tedious, badly named, and ridiculous looking exercises they can think of. There is literally no way you can look cool while doing clam shells or glute bridges (which another blogger -- -- recently re-named "air humpers"). The only thing that's worse is that they actually work, so you have to keep doing them.

    Glad the running and rehab are going so well! Keep on rockin it!

  2. Oh my god I do air humpers all night long! I love those things. They are really, really awkward for a guy wearing spandex.

    I also LOVE your blog. Bookmarked :) Thanks Robyn!

    1. Thanks! And, uh, too much information? Saw a guy at the gym doing one-legged air humpers this morning. Fortunately, no spandex.