Friday, January 10, 2014

Jan 10--Coming in like a Wrecking Ball

Today, I decided smart with my training. This new-found, new-fangled intelligence led to a day of PT. The chemical symbol for platinum? The abbreviation for pint? The British prog-rock group Porcupine Tree? Guess. And don't you dare try to deny that "Baby Dream in Cellophane" is not the greatest song OF ALL TIME.

I clearly had too many pints. Of beer? Of ice cream? Don't guess. Please gosh don't guess and make me confront my lacto-shame.

Don't judge me Addie. You eat poop.

Anyway, did 2 hours of Physical Therapy, focusing on core exercises and hip mobility. Basically, I try to do that one thing Shakira does with a band between my legs, then I try to do that one thing Beyonce does while sitting on a medicine ball. But I don't try to sit on a medicine ball and do that one thing Miley Cyrus does. Gold's Gym might find that unhygenic.

The plan is to push the hip a bit tomorrow to see if I can get this charade over with and make the final decision on surgery. It was so amazing to see some of the comments yesterday! Gosh I miss that. Your awesomeness sustains me. Well, your awesomeness and 4 pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream consumed in one sitting while swinging naked on a medicine ball.


  1. We missed you.

    But I am not sure I can talk to you any more since you are going to be a left coast guy.

  2. GZ! You can probably tell this based on web traffic stats, but there will be a N CA computer checking your blog 4 or 5 times a day :) Love your writing and your perspective. And your beard. May it rest peacefully.