Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jan 12--No Place Like Home

I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Life is simple on the Shore. When I wanted to show Megan what it was like growing up here, I took her to the nearest convenience store (5 miles away). They sold single cigarettes. That may be illegal, but it was okay because all of the buyers were wearing camouflage, which probably makes them invisible to both deer and cops.

It was a 30 minute drive to my public high school. Traffic jams were solely caused by tractors driving down the main road. The stars-and-bars routinely flew next to (or, sometimes even above) the stars-and-stripes. I don't think either of those flags mean what those people thought they meant. If Mount Rushmore were erected down the street, my guess is the sculptors would be given a photo of the cast of Duck Dynasty.

Anyway, the main thing I am aware of when I come back is hunting season. When venison is on the menu, I refuse to wear my radio headphones, lest the antenna be confused with a mal-adapted antler.

Luckily, the hunting season ended yesterday. I feel safer, and I am less worried that letting Addie off-leash will lead to filet-of-puppy being served at the next firehouse barbecue.

Had a great run today! 11.6 miles at 6:13 pace, with a couple below 6 near the end. Hip is holding up, and I am going to give it a day of rest tomorrow. It's a bit weak tonight. Fortunately it's not hunting season, because my slight limp would make me the obvious choice for a mercy kill.

Y'all are awesome!


  1. I'm enjoying these quick posts, Dave! And, I am thrilled to read that your runs are going well in spite of that bothersome hip!

  2. Ash! Thanks so much, we'll see about the hip. It is pretty liberating to be told to "run enough to see if you need surgery." :) Even if I get surgery, I'll keep this up. The goal is to compete for a National Trail Championship next Fall either way. You're great, thanks for everything.