Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jan 9--The Ill-Fated Comeback Commences

In late October, I was diagnosed with a somewhat badly torn labrum in my right hip. Yesterday, I was told that we were going to delay surgery due to the progress it seems to have made. 2 weeks from now, I will likely be told "WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING BACK THE F**K OFF THE RUNNING AND LET'S CUT THAT BITCH."

But until that inevitable surgery, I was told to try to get back to running. To let Jesus take the wheel, to put the windows down and cruise, and other country lyrics. Talk about girls, talk about trucks, run them red dirt roads up kicking up dust? Perhaps. 

Based on that distance climbed, I am pretty sure the gym bike grossly overestimated my power, or thinks I weigh 20 pounds.

Anyway, I figured I would do a 2 minute daily blog post on training, on how much my hip hurts, and on how much I've missed you guys. For today:

1. AM-5 mile run, PM-3 mile run  (Strava link here)
2. Not much!

This should be an interesting journey into the known. I omitted the usual "un-" prefix because if this doesn't end with a scalpel in my hip joint, pigs would likely be flying, and then everyone would be too busy skeet shooting aerial bacon to read this anyway.

Let's have some fun.



  1. Welcome back to running! Also, AERIAL BACON!!!

  2. Bacon by land, air, and sea! Thanks Robyn :)

  3. Labrum. Is it me or does that word sound slightly pornographic. I guess your hip is really f'ed up when the labrum is all hot and bothered.

  4. With D-Roch back n' blogging...2014 is clearly going to be a good good good good year. WAHOO!

  5. Scott, you have A Disgusting Mind. Which is also the porn parody of A Beautiful Mind.

    P.S. Thanks for all your support! Especially your support of these groin issues!

  6. Pat, you're my favorite writer in the world:
    1. P
    2. Heller in Catch-22
    3. Dr. Seuss
    4. That lead character in Sex and the City
    5. My 1-year old niece
    6. Hemingway